Are your teeth in “deep” trouble?

Sometimes tooth damage can be caused by the most unlikely of sources. Recently a man complained to his dentist that his teeth were extremely sensitive, were rapidly picking up stain, and actually losing enamel. After much research, the culprit was found – his swimming pool!

It seemed that he had a daily swimming routine in his backyard pool but didn’t take the time to monitor the chemicals properly. This led to the pool water having a higher than normal acid content, resulting in severe dental damage.

According to Dr. Leila Jahangiri, chairwoman of NYU College of Dentistry Department of Prosthodontics, “Improperly maintained pool chlorination can cause rapid and excessive erosion of dental enamel. It is a difficult balance to maintain home pools properly. Proper pool chlorine and pH levels need to be monitored and maintained on a weekly basis.”

The fact is, we always need to be careful about things which can negatively affect our dental health. Many foods, including healthy fruits and vegetables, are high in acid content. And of course candies, sweets, sodas and sports drinks are loaded with sugar. These foods are all waiting to do a full out assault on your teeth!

Medications and other factors which can cause dry mouth are also playing peril with your dental health. And now it seems even a swimming pool can do your teeth harm!

At Dr David Schmidt’s practice, we care about you, your teeth and gums, and your overall health. Please make sure to brush several times per day, especially after exposing your teeth to potentially harmful substances. And don’t forget to floss either! (If you are not sure how to use dental floss or can’t do it comfortably, be sure to ask one of our friendly team members for instructions!).

Most importantly, don’t forget that your regular dental visit is not “just a check-up” – it’s a crucial part of your overall health care.

If you have any questions about this or any other issue, we are here for you! Please give us a call at 734-485-2200. And this summer, please enjoy your fun outdoor activities such as swimming – but don’t forget your pearly whites!

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