Don’t Flush the Floss!


As important as a discussion on the benefits of regular flossing is, proper disposal of used floss is also worth talking about.

Dental floss, especially the newer brands, is conveniently shred-resistant, but unfortunately, that also makes it non-biodegradable. While this means that tossing used dental floss in the garbage isn’t ideal, it’s still preferable to flushing it down the toilet, where it has the potential to create havoc in the waste processing stations, jamming pumps and causing increased maintenance and delays.

People with septic tanks are also advised not to flush their dental floss, as, in this case, the floss can clog and potentially damage septic tank components if it becomes trapped.

While there is no ideal answer to what to do with used dental floss, it looks like the preferred disposal method is in the garbage, where you’re advised to “toss the floss,” instead of “flushing the floss.”

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