Cavities are contagious?! Whaaaat?!

You heard it right!  Cavities are caused by tiny little “sugar bugs” called bacteria.  If you kiss someone or share food with someone who has those nasty little bugs in their mouth- you’ve got it!  So maybe we should switch from brushing after you eat to brushing after you kiss!  Okay that might be weird but truthfully being aware of how healthy your friend is, or who your child is sharing food with (including friends) is something to be very aware of.  Often times caregivers will share food with young ones, thus exposing them to cavities and gum disease.  So, educate the caregivers and educate your little ones- don’t share food with anyone, not even friends.  You’ll not only avoid the flu, but gum disease, cavities, and a whole other mess of viruses that spread orally!