Spring Daisies

Well, it has today anyway, here in beautiful, SUNNY and (relatively at 51f) warm South-East Michigan!!!!

How do I know?????? Well, apart from the scientific and meteorological stuff that tells us it has, such as;

“Spring began with the Vernal Equinox on March 20th in the Northern Hemisphere. The term Vernal Equinox coming from the Latin words ‘ver’ meaning spring, ‘aequus’ meaning equal and ‘nox’ for night. Thus, the word Equinox means that night and day are pretty much equal length.”

I know because:-

  1. It is sunny outside,
  2. The sky is blue,
  3. It is warm,
  4. The snow (most of it anyway) has gone,
  5. I want to clean and do housework (and believe me THAT is DEFINITELY a change from the Winter hibernation stage….)
  6. Everyone looks happy,
  7. The buds are beginning to open on the trees outside my house,
  8. The Robins have arrived,
  9. From the right angle, my lawn is beginning to look green again…..
  10. From the right angle, the weeds on my lawn are beginning to appear again……
  11. My mailbox is stuffed with lawn service fliers,
  12. Daffodils and Tulips are on sale everywhere,
  13. My husband is ‘champing at the bit’ because Spring Training is almost over and…..YES, Baseball season is about to be upon us,
  14. Easter Candy is EVERYWHERE!!!!
  15. The past two weekends there have been Easter Egg hunts, EVERYWHERE!!!
  16. Nests are appearing in the trees behind the house,
  17. I don’t need my heavy winter coat anymore!!!!!
  18. AND….best of all…… I feel happy.

springEnjoy!!!! Not too long now ’til Summer 🙂





Mind your P’s & Q’s – Manners Matter!!!!

Magic Words



Etiquette is the formal word used for code of conduct or the rules we live by in order to live together in our society. Manners is the less formal term, both however, cover the niceties and pleasantries that have evolved over the years so that we can exist peacefully.

Unfortunately, manners seem to be something that many people have forgotten these days. As we become more dependent on the IT gadgets that we buy, our worlds become smaller and smaller and more introspective with many people hardly interacting with others at all. Even friends will connect and communicate via texting on their cell phones and Facebook rather than personal interaction. A by product of this new phenomenon is that we seem to have lost the ability to be polite and express consideration and concern for others.

But, manners matter! They are the demonstration of consideration of others and the recognition that we are all interdependent and need to be able to live and work together to survive. Manners are based on courtesy and consideration for others – PLEASE remember to  mind your P’s and Q’s, ‘Watch your manners’ whatever you want to call them because…

Please and Thank You are STILL Magic words!!!

Smile and make the world a brighter place!

Smile and Be Happy!!

The little things in life make it bright:

a wink from a friend, a flower on the sidewalk,

a cup of tea in the morning, a square of fine chocolate,

a giggle at nothing, a laugh at yourself,

a cinnamon scent to wake up to, a little extra quiet in the day,

a smooth and soft bar of soap, a good yawn,

a favorite pair of shoes, just being yourself.

~it shouldn’t take much to spark a smile

Go on!!!! SMILE and make yours (and someone else’s) day a little brighter



On March 17th, every year, millions of people celebrate St Patrick’s Day. The patron Saint of Ireland is celebrated around the world, due in no small part to the diaspora of thousands of Irish immigrants throughout the world over many, many years. According to the Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups, in 1790 there were 400,000 Americans of Irish birth or ancestry out of a total white population of 3,100,000. Half of these Irish Americans were descended from Ulster people, and half were descended from the people of Connaught, Leinster and Munster. According to U.S. Census figures from 2000, 41,000,000 Americans claim to be wholly or partly of Irish ancestry, a group that represents more than one in five white Americans.

Although St Patrick’s Day is not a federal holiday in the United States, many people will take the day off, and even those that don’t will drink, eat and wear all things green. Green cakes, green eggs, green milkshakes, and green beer to mention but a few. However, you may want to pass on the green foods and drinks in favor of some other less colorful Irish delicacies such as Irish Stew, Boxty, bacon and cabbage and you could always raise your glass with filled with the famous Bailey’s Irish Cream or Jameson’s Irish Whiskey!! Because, as delightfully festive as the green beer and cakes are, dentists warn about the unflattering effect green beer and all that green food can have on your pearly whites.

green teeth

Unfortunately, the green food coloring used to turn everything green, although harmless in small doses, can, after eating and drinking green all day, turn your teeth a gruesome shade of green. The dye used in green food coloring acts very much like the disclosing tablets that children use to learn how to brush their teeth properly and clings to any plaque on the tooth surface. Hence the delightfully?? green smiles at the end of a long hard day of celebrating Paddy’s Day!!

Of course, there are ways to prevent this……..One is to keep up with your regular hygiene schedule and, on St Patrick’s Day, be careful to be extra vigilant when you brush your teeth and, of course, like many of us forget to do, brush them after every meal, as it’s the plaque and food debris that actually turns greens.

The other simple and easy way to keep the green off of your teeth this March is to have your teeth whitened. Now, you obviously don’t want to be doing this BEFORE St Patrick’s Day!!! Better to get it done after, once the celebrating has finished! Here at Dr Schmidt’s office we offer two methods; Boost In Office Whitening or Lifetime Whitening.


Boost in Office is, apart from a treatment consultation and hygiene appointment, complete in just one visit and costs $250.00

Lifetime Whitening is an on-going process involving commitment to a regular hygiene schedule, and using custom-made trays at home on a regular basis. Free refills are provided every 6 months as long as you keep up with your regular hygiene appointments.

Call our office on 734-485-2200 to set up a treatment consultation.


green beer