Don’t be a dental turkey!


When the pilgrims left England on the Mayflower, they were looking for a land free of persecution.  By the time they landed in Massachusetts 66 days later, they found the journey to be a lot more grueling than they originally planned.

Among the many health issues they encountered was “scurvy”, caused by a deficiency of vitamin C.  The lack of fresh food on board, especially fruits, caused horrible symptoms, including spots on the skin, weakness, extreme drowsiness, spontaneous bleeding and eventually death.  Oh yes, this disease also caused the pilgrims to have bleeding gums and tooth loss!

This Thanksgiving, be sure to prepare a meal that is not only delicious but healthy for your teeth and gums too!  Some vitamins and nutrients which are good for your oral health are vitamins A, C and D, phosphorous and calcium.  A delicious Thanksgiving dinner can include them all!

Here are a few things that will make your chompers thank you – the DO’S!!!!!

  • Turkey is high in phosphorous, which is not only healthy for developing teeth but can actually help rebuild tooth enamel.
  • Sweet potatoes are loaded with nutrients including vitamins A and C which are both excellent for gum health.
  • Cranberries contain flavonoids which can prevent bacteria from sticking to the teeth and forming plaque.
  • Pumpkin pies are loaded with vitamin C and calcium, important for gum health and developing teeth.

“Just like our bodies, our teeth and gums need many essential vitamins and minerals to stay strong and healthy,” says Dr David Schmidt.  “In fact, to ensure proper tooth development and strength, adults, children and seniors alike need a lot of calcium, vitamins and minerals.”

Dr Schmidt goes on to say “Many take oral health for granted, but countless studies have shown that there is a strong association between good oral health and good body health. Spending time with your loved ones at Thanksgiving is even better when everyone is healthy and happy.”

Here are 5 tips to a happy, healthy Thanksgiving. The DON’TS!!

  1. Be smart, use a nutcracker! Squirrels can use their teeth to crack nuts…..YOU CAN’T!!  Many people have tried to crack a tooth over the holiday thinking their teeth are unbreakable.  Truth is, there is a very sensitive nerve running through a root surrounded by soft living tissue under that hard enamel shell .  Crack the shell (of the tooth – not the nut), and you’ll be saying hello to some major pain.  Yes, cracking a tooth is an intensely painful experience resulting in the urgent need for a root canal and crown.
  2. Don’t open beer bottles with your teeth!!! Need we say more???
  3. Caramel Popcorn Ball vs Teeth!!!! Guess who will win?? Pass on the popcorn ball if you want to keep your teeth!
  4. Brush and floss!!! Yes, even on holidays you need to do this. There will be plenty of food to eat over this weekend, a lot of it sweet. So, take your tooth brush and floss with you and keep up the good work you do at home the rest of the year!
  5. Skip biting the Candy Canes that appear the day after Thanksgiving. You know someone always starts the Christmas decorating the next day…..Biting hard candy is ALWAYS a risk….don’t do it 😉
Thanksgiving is a great holiday, and it can be a  healthy one for you teeth, gums and body as well! Here at Dr David Schmidt’s dental practice, we want you to be healthy! Remember that prevention is key, so be sure to stick with your recommended dental care schedule for the best health of all!  Call (734) 485-2200 to schedule your appointment today!  Enjoy a fantastic holiday and even though your schedule may be hectic this time of year, don’t forget to take care of your teeth, gums and entire body!
Have fun!!!

Have fun!!!


Thanksgiving According to Kids!

              Thanksgiving According to Kids!

Kids, as we know are forever asking questions and wondering about the new things life throws at them every day. They have this special sense of curious wonder and insatiable appetite for all aspects of our lives and this includes holidays. They also have a wonderful, sometimes alternative view of the world as we see it. Here are some snippets that I’ve found about the way they think of and see Thanksgiving and what they would like to do at that special time. Hope you enjoy them.

dog at table

  • Let our dogs Bailey and Benji sit at the table with us for dinner, ‘cos we never let them. (Sophia, 5 – Bronx, NY)
  • Put a squid in a fish tank in the middle of the table. (Delano, 7 – Sebastopol, CA)


  • Have a Thanksgiving Week instead of just a Thanksgiving Day! (Emmanuel, 8 – New York City)
  • Invite friends and family over and donate to the poor! Be thankful for what you have and do what you can to help others. Also, add pizza! (Ethan, 9 – Chicago, IL)
  • I would get some Easter Eggs! (Megan, 3 – Weston, CT)
  • We celebrate because we’re thankful for the food that God gave us. (Juan, Phoenix – AZ)
  • monkey-thank-youWe need a monkey. A monkey that thanks things. That would make it better! (Reece, 3 – North Arlington, NJ)
  • I don’t actually like to eat turkeys and pumpkins, so I’d rather go to the swimming pool instead. (Adeline, 4 – Queens, NY)


  • There should be at least SIX kinds of pie and there shouldn’t be any rules on how many pieces kids can eat – even if they don’t eat all their turkey. (Joey, 7 – Austin, TX)
  • Thanksgiving was a time when the Indians sailed across the water! (Kasen, 6 – Charleston, SC)

Children! What WOULD we do without them and their lovely way of making us re-think the way we look at the world?

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on our families and loved ones, the world in which we live and the way the Earth provides for us. There are indeed many things to be thankful for – whatever religion you subscribe to (or not) or, indeed, whichever culture is your ancestry.

Let’s just take a moment to say Thank you.





Veteran’s Day

A definition of Veteran

A definition of Veteran

Today, Monday November 11th, is Veterans Day.

We just want to offer our thanks to all who served, and those still serving our country.

Whether one agrees with Governments and politicians about individual conflicts and our involvement or not, we should ALL be grateful and respectful of the service of the men and women over the years who have signed up to protect and serve the United State of America.

Without them, this great nation and standard-bearer of truth and justice throughout the world, would simply not exist.

All gave some, and some gave all. To all of you, Thank You.