Need treatment – how do I afford it?



OK, so you’ve been to your dentist for your regular 6 month check-up. This time though, he noticed that some things need to be treated.

Ever thought WOW! How do I afford the treatment I need?

Well, Care Credit is a way that you may be able to do just that. Here at David Schmidt’s dental office we accept Care Credit in order to help with financing (of course, all financing through Care Credit is subject to individual status). We offer 6 month interest free options as well as other options up to 12 months.

Please feel free to call Delta, Tina or Michele at the office (T. 734-485-2200) if you have any questions about financing treatment with CareCredit. 

Your dental health is very important……it is quite often the primary indicator that something more serious may be lurking around the corner. During your examination at your regular check-up your dentist will notice indications of many different ailments or conditions and can give an early warning to you and your physician. So, coming in for your check-up is really important, as is taking care of any treatment that he recommends.

So, please keep up with your appointments….it’s important.


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