Valentine’s Day


Whichever camp you belong to, you can’t refute or be unaware that today is St Valentine’s Day.

Catholics believe that February 14th commemorates the martyrdom of St Valentine in the 3rd century. Valentine was a priest in Rome who was thought to secretly marry soldiers and their loves in defiance of a ban by Emperor Claudius II who thought that married men made bad soldiers. Valentine was subsequently sentenced to death when his defiant actions were found out. It was purported that the priest, prior to his execution sent a love letter to a secret love and signed it “From your Valentine”.

However, it’s thought that it wasn’t until the 13th century that love became popularly associated with St Valentine. This is in part due to Chaucer’s poem “Parliament of Foules” in which he suggested that Saint Valentine’s Day is “….whan every foul cometh ther to choose his mate”.

Today, the day very much centers around the celebration of love and is a time when we send expressions of our love to our partners.

So, we wish you ALL a very Happy Valentine’s Day.


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