Why you should love your dentist!!

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013 was “I LOVE MY DENTIST DAY!!!”



Do YOU love YOURS????

You should………..though unfortunately, many of us don’t. If anything, we fear them, which is really unfortunate as our dentists help us with the very thing that helps us get noticed….our smiles!!!!



Your dentist can help fix your smile for you and give you the confidence to go out and meet the world head on!!!

There are several reasons why you should love your dentist, and make regular trips to see him (or her);

A) During your check-up, your dentist will check for signs of oral cancer. He will also check for gum disease which is especially important to treat as it can affect your heart, blood sugar, memory and breathing. Effectively, your dentist can, in some cases, give you a very important heads up to other health conditions you may not know you have. (http://www.prevention.com/health/health-concerns/gum-disease-can-cause-serious-illness)

B) Your dentist knows how to fix your teeth!! Among other things, he can take x-rays, look for cavities you can’t see and fill them. He can straighten crooked teeth. He can help you with bad breath and he and his team can clean and polish your teeth.

C) Your dentist cares about your teeth and will help you when you’re in pain. They will even see you out of hours if necessary and are usually (as is the case with Dr Schmidt) available by phone whenever you need them.

D) Your dentist prefers to see you on a regular basis though, so that he can help you avoid needing treatment. By having regular checkups he and his hygienist can spot minor ailments before they blow up into instances that need major work. In some cases your dentist can put sealants on teeth to avoid cavities. Your hygienist will help you by advising you how to care for your teeth at home between visits, reminding you to floss and brush regularly.

E) Modern dentists have new ways to treat you. They can do implants as well as crowns. Hygienists use sonic brushes to cleans your teeth, they can whiten your teeth so your smile is brilliantly welcoming. The dentist’s chair is now a place to relax with calming decor, music playing. If you’re still nervous, we can offer Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) to relax you. The modern dental office is a great place to get your teeth checked.

F) Your dentist will have had a long thorough education in order to be able to care for your oral health. His education will have included College, Dental School, Dental Admissions Testing, State Licensing, National Dental Board Exams, Continuing Education and in some instances further specialist training.

G) You get a free tooth brush, floss and toothpaste every time you have a check up!!

And lastly, you get a healthy mouth AND a wonderful, clean, bright smile!!!!

love dentist smile


What more could you ask for?



On March 17th, every year, millions of people celebrate St Patrick’s Day. The patron Saint of Ireland is celebrated around the world, due in no small part to the diaspora of thousands of Irish immigrants throughout the world over many, many years. According to the Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups, in 1790 there were 400,000 Americans of Irish birth or ancestry out of a total white population of 3,100,000. Half of these Irish Americans were descended from Ulster people, and half were descended from the people of Connaught, Leinster and Munster. According to U.S. Census figures from 2000, 41,000,000 Americans claim to be wholly or partly of Irish ancestry, a group that represents more than one in five white Americans.

Although St Patrick’s Day is not a federal holiday in the United States, many people will take the day off, and even those that don’t will drink, eat and wear all things green. Green cakes, green eggs, green milkshakes, and green beer to mention but a few. However, you may want to pass on the green foods and drinks in favor of some other less colorful Irish delicacies such as Irish Stew, Boxty, bacon and cabbage and you could always raise your glass with filled with the famous Bailey’s Irish Cream or Jameson’s Irish Whiskey!! Because, as delightfully festive as the green beer and cakes are, dentists warn about the unflattering effect green beer and all that green food can have on your pearly whites.

green teeth

Unfortunately, the green food coloring used to turn everything green, although harmless in small doses, can, after eating and drinking green all day, turn your teeth a gruesome shade of green. The dye used in green food coloring acts very much like the disclosing tablets that children use to learn how to brush their teeth properly and clings to any plaque on the tooth surface. Hence the delightfully?? green smiles at the end of a long hard day of celebrating Paddy’s Day!!

Of course, there are ways to prevent this……..One is to keep up with your regular hygiene schedule and, on St Patrick’s Day, be careful to be extra vigilant when you brush your teeth and, of course, like many of us forget to do, brush them after every meal, as it’s the plaque and food debris that actually turns greens.

The other simple and easy way to keep the green off of your teeth this March is to have your teeth whitened. Now, you obviously don’t want to be doing this BEFORE St Patrick’s Day!!! Better to get it done after, once the celebrating has finished! Here at Dr Schmidt’s office we offer two methods; Boost In Office Whitening or Lifetime Whitening.


Boost in Office is, apart from a treatment consultation and hygiene appointment, complete in just one visit and costs $250.00

Lifetime Whitening is an on-going process involving commitment to a regular hygiene schedule, and using custom-made trays at home on a regular basis. Free refills are provided every 6 months as long as you keep up with your regular hygiene appointments.

Call our office on 734-485-2200 to set up a treatment consultation.


green beer

Should I Consider Cosmetic Dentistry?

It’s hard to watch any TV program or flip through a magazine without noticing ads for whiter, brighter teeth, usually marketing a way to look younger and more attractive. While those goals are usually achieved, you may still wonder if you really need to undergo whitening or any other cosmetic dentistry process, or if your teeth are OK the way they are. Ask yourself the following questions, and the answer should be clearer:

Do I feel self-conscious when I smile or laugh?

Do I have a habit of covering my mouth when I talk or smile?

Can people tell I’m a smoker by the color of my teeth?

Do I worry about wearing white, in case it makes my teeth look more yellow?

Are there embarrassing gaps, or chipped, crooked or misaligned teeth in my mouth?

If you’ve ever worried about your smile due to any of the reasons above, you’ll be interested to hear that they are all very common concerns that we deal with every day in our office. The good news is that cosmetic solutions to all these, and many other, dental problems are not out of reach for the average person any more!

Chipped, broken, poorly shaped, slightly crooked or discolored teeth can easily be fixed with the application of porcelain veneers – thin, tooth-colored, custom-made porcelain “shells” that fit over the front of your teeth to produce an even, white smile. Whether you’re concerned about a missing tooth, a gummy smile or discolored teeth, we have a smile solution to solve whatever is stopping you from having the smile of your dreams.

Most cosmetic improvements are easier and more satisfying than you may think. Call us for a no-obligation consultation today, and let’s talk about which dental solutions would best help you achieve the brightest, youngest, sexiest smile!

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Are your teeth in “deep” trouble?

Sometimes tooth damage can be caused by the most unlikely of sources. Recently a man complained to his dentist that his teeth were extremely sensitive, were rapidly picking up stain, and actually losing enamel. After much research, the culprit was found – his swimming pool!

It seemed that he had a daily swimming routine in his backyard pool but didn’t take the time to monitor the chemicals properly. This led to the pool water having a higher than normal acid content, resulting in severe dental damage.

According to Dr. Leila Jahangiri, chairwoman of NYU College of Dentistry Department of Prosthodontics, “Improperly maintained pool chlorination can cause rapid and excessive erosion of dental enamel. It is a difficult balance to maintain home pools properly. Proper pool chlorine and pH levels need to be monitored and maintained on a weekly basis.”

The fact is, we always need to be careful about things which can negatively affect our dental health. Many foods, including healthy fruits and vegetables, are high in acid content. And of course candies, sweets, sodas and sports drinks are loaded with sugar. These foods are all waiting to do a full out assault on your teeth!

Medications and other factors which can cause dry mouth are also playing peril with your dental health. And now it seems even a swimming pool can do your teeth harm!

At Dr David Schmidt’s practice, we care about you, your teeth and gums, and your overall health. Please make sure to brush several times per day, especially after exposing your teeth to potentially harmful substances. And don’t forget to floss either! (If you are not sure how to use dental floss or can’t do it comfortably, be sure to ask one of our friendly team members for instructions!).

Most importantly, don’t forget that your regular dental visit is not “just a check-up” – it’s a crucial part of your overall health care.

If you have any questions about this or any other issue, we are here for you! Please give us a call at 734-485-2200. And this summer, please enjoy your fun outdoor activities such as swimming – but don’t forget your pearly whites!

In Office Whitening “Boost” Discount

As part of our Summer Promotion we are doing In Office Whitening for $199.00! Regularly $500. Boost is extremely effective at quickly whitening your teeth up to 10 shades in 1 visit. Please call to schedule now! This promotion is open to the public and our patients!