Why you should love your dentist!!

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013 was “I LOVE MY DENTIST DAY!!!”



Do YOU love YOURS????

You should………..though unfortunately, many of us don’t. If anything, we fear them, which is really unfortunate as our dentists help us with the very thing that helps us get noticed….our smiles!!!!



Your dentist can help fix your smile for you and give you the confidence to go out and meet the world head on!!!

There are several reasons why you should love your dentist, and make regular trips to see him (or her);

A) During your check-up, your dentist will check for signs of oral cancer. He will also check for gum disease which is especially important to treat as it can affect your heart, blood sugar, memory and breathing. Effectively, your dentist can, in some cases, give you a very important heads up to other health conditions you may not know you have. (http://www.prevention.com/health/health-concerns/gum-disease-can-cause-serious-illness)

B) Your dentist knows how to fix your teeth!! Among other things, he can take x-rays, look for cavities you can’t see and fill them. He can straighten crooked teeth. He can help you with bad breath and he and his team can clean and polish your teeth.

C) Your dentist cares about your teeth and will help you when you’re in pain. They will even see you out of hours if necessary and are usually (as is the case with Dr Schmidt) available by phone whenever you need them.

D) Your dentist prefers to see you on a regular basis though, so that he can help you avoid needing treatment. By having regular checkups he and his hygienist can spot minor ailments before they blow up into instances that need major work. In some cases your dentist can put sealants on teeth to avoid cavities. Your hygienist will help you by advising you how to care for your teeth at home between visits, reminding you to floss and brush regularly.

E) Modern dentists have new ways to treat you. They can do implants as well as crowns. Hygienists use sonic brushes to cleans your teeth, they can whiten your teeth so your smile is brilliantly welcoming. The dentist’s chair is now a place to relax with calming decor, music playing. If you’re still nervous, we can offer Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) to relax you. The modern dental office is a great place to get your teeth checked.

F) Your dentist will have had a long thorough education in order to be able to care for your oral health. His education will have included College, Dental School, Dental Admissions Testing, State Licensing, National Dental Board Exams, Continuing Education and in some instances further specialist training.

G) You get a free tooth brush, floss and toothpaste every time you have a check up!!

And lastly, you get a healthy mouth AND a wonderful, clean, bright smile!!!!

love dentist smile


What more could you ask for?

Dental Fear, anxiety and nitrous (aka laughing gas)

How many people are scared to go to the dentist?  According to wikipedia- The estimate is that up to 75% of US adults experience some degree of dental fear, from mild to severe.  For some this stops them from going to the dentist until they are in great pain, for others it makes you loose sleep the night before your appointment.  Avoiding dental care creates issues not only in your mouth with unresolved fillings, crowns, bridges, gum disease and tooth loss but also affects your entire body.  Heart disease, Alzheimer’s, strokes, diabetes, miscarriages, low birth weight babies and preterm births.  All these conditions and events are worsened by dental disease and in some cases such as heart disease and miscarriages, low birth weight babies and preterm births there are studies that show that dental disease can cause them to happen.

So how can we make going to the dentist not such a horrible experience?  With nitrous!  Not only does it help to totally relax you but you can drive home right after the appointment.  Nitrous, laughing gas,  decreases anxiety and also decreases any pain you may feel.  So why not use Nitrous Oxide, laughing gas, when you get your teeth cleaned to help decrease anxiety, sensitivity of the cleaning, polishing, flossing and even the exam!

Who can use Nitrous Oxide?  Pretty much anyone! There are a few situations where Nitrous is not optimal so call your dental care provider and ask them if you can, most people are fine on Nitrous.

Had a bad experience with nitrous?  Almost all bad experienced people have had with nitrous are because of the provider giving too high a dose.  If your dental provider starts out at the minimal dose and slowly adjusts to your comfort level negative side effects can be completely avoided!

All of our patients have the option to select using Nitrous Oxide as part of their cleaning or dental appointment.  Please call us if you would like to make an appointment! We’d love to see you! 734-485-2200