Spring Daisies

Well, it has today anyway, here in beautiful, SUNNY and (relatively at 51f) warm South-East Michigan!!!!

How do I know?????? Well, apart from the scientific and meteorological stuff that tells us it has, such as;

“Spring began with the Vernal Equinox on March 20th in the Northern Hemisphere. The term Vernal Equinox coming from the Latin words ‘ver’ meaning spring, ‘aequus’ meaning equal and ‘nox’ for night. Thus, the word Equinox means that night and day are pretty much equal length.”

I know because:-

  1. It is sunny outside,
  2. The sky is blue,
  3. It is warm,
  4. The snow (most of it anyway) has gone,
  5. I want to clean and do housework (and believe me THAT is DEFINITELY a change from the Winter hibernation stage….)
  6. Everyone looks happy,
  7. The buds are beginning to open on the trees outside my house,
  8. The Robins have arrived,
  9. From the right angle, my lawn is beginning to look green again…..
  10. From the right angle, the weeds on my lawn are beginning to appear again……
  11. My mailbox is stuffed with lawn service fliers,
  12. Daffodils and Tulips are on sale everywhere,
  13. My husband is ‘champing at the bit’ because Spring Training is almost over and…..YES, Baseball season is about to be upon us,
  14. Easter Candy is EVERYWHERE!!!!
  15. The past two weekends there have been Easter Egg hunts, EVERYWHERE!!!
  16. Nests are appearing in the trees behind the house,
  17. I don’t need my heavy winter coat anymore!!!!!
  18. AND….best of all…… I feel happy.

springEnjoy!!!! Not too long now ’til Summer 🙂