Mind your P’s & Q’s – Manners Matter!!!!

Magic Words



Etiquette is the formal word used for code of conduct or the rules we live by in order to live together in our society. Manners is the less formal term, both however, cover the niceties and pleasantries that have evolved over the years so that we can exist peacefully.

Unfortunately, manners seem to be something that many people have forgotten these days. As we become more dependent on the IT gadgets that we buy, our worlds become smaller and smaller and more introspective with many people hardly interacting with others at all. Even friends will connect and communicate via texting on their cell phones and Facebook rather than personal interaction. A by product of this new phenomenon is that we seem to have lost the ability to be polite and express consideration and concern for others.

But, manners matter! They are the demonstration of consideration of others and the recognition that we are all interdependent and need to be able to live and work together to survive. Manners are based on courtesy and consideration for others – PLEASE remember to  mind your P’s and Q’s, ‘Watch your manners’ whatever you want to call them because…

Please and Thank You are STILL Magic words!!!